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About the Science Center

The new Science Center is located at the heart of the Dominican campus, near the Alemany Library and adjacent to the Meadowlands and San Marco buildings. This two-story, 35,000 sq.ft. building houses more than 30 teaching, research, and computer technology labs for student and faculty use. The new building replaces five outdated, inadequate labs located in two separate buildings on campus.

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The new facilities serve every Dominican student--from undergraduates with general education science requirements to our rapidly expanding Department of Natural Science and Mathematics and our nursing program students--balancing Dominican's strong humanities curriculum with a full and complete science curriculum.

Dominican is attracting science faculty and students of the highest caliber. Our graduates are working for prestigious institutions like the Human Genome Project, the La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation, Genentech, and the United States Park Service. Last spring, undergraduate science majors were accepted into summer intern programs at Harvard University, Stanford University, and the National Institutes of Health.

The new Science Center provides many opportunities for Dominican to serve its students, faculty, and the community. Most recently, Dominican was selected as the host site for the 2007 National Conference on Undergraduate Research. This important conference provided significant exposure for the University's ongoing efforts to support and celebrate academic excellence and scholarship.

Artist Renderings of the Science Center